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Interview with Daniel Kriman (SOBO)
1. How did “SOBO” form?
  • In 1992 I was playing in the little bar in Jerusalem, Assaf just got from USA, so we started to jam together and from the first note, we knew, we should have a band together.

2. What is the meaning of 'SOBO'?
  • SOBO is a short name for Southbound Train, Southbound Train is more then just a train going south, it's a symbol for going home. when black people in the beginning of last century moved to the big cities, they were still missing home in Delta, so the train going south meant for them return back home, back to the roots.

3. What genre of music do you play?
  • We play rock-n-blues, I guess, some tunes are more funky, some are more bluesy, but we consider ourselves as a rock band.

4. Who are your influences?
  • Delta Blues musicians - Robert Johnson, Bukka White, Mississippi Fred McDowell, R.L. Burnside...

5. Did you guys study music as a formal education?
  • I did, piano, trumpet, but not a guitar.
SOBO - Band form Isreal - Click for More...
6. What gears do you use? (Example Guitars, Gadgets, etc)
  • I use Resonator Guitar with electric pickup (not piezo), blues Deluxe Fender tube amp, overdrive pedal and cry baby wah-wah.

7. How many albums have you released so far?
  • We've released 2 albums, and third is now being mixed.

8. What is music for you?
  • Another language

9. Where do you see yourself a few years later from now?
  • On the stage

10. What do you think is the blues?
  • Feeling

11. Did you struggle?
  • I guess, I was playing on the streets for couple of years, till I got a first gig in the little bar.

12. When you guys started out, did you think you would be musicians?
  • I started at the age at 12, and I knew I wanna play.

13. Message to the young musicians?
  • Play with the people.
14. How is the music scene there in Isreal? And how is the crowd?
  • Crowd is great, girls are gorgeous, wish you were here...

15. What differentiates you music from the rest?
  • I think, it's a sound of electric slide guitar, it's recognizable...

16. What is the most memorable moments you guys have in your musical career?
  • When we were basted by police... kidding, I think, our tours together, that's something to remember

17. What is your next venture?
  • I hope your festival.. ;)

18. Are you just musician or you have other jobs?
  • I do design and play shows.

19. Message for Rockmandu??
  • Hold on, here we come !!!
-interviewed by Samik Kharel.
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