- Nandita Rana
> Dreaming
"As I delve into the endless thoughts with my unintentional gaze, I come across many things; many experiences, memories, feelings and realities. These emotions come gushing and they form a stream- so clear and fresh. They switch automatically with such smooth transition, as swift as it can be! At the moment I may be lying in my bed staring at the cold walls that envelop my being but nay, I am traveling, through space and time.
There form those scenes that I so desperately want to be living in and sometimes I transit to the backwardness of eons that I have survived. These feelings only come so alive, I cannot explain. I only get engulfed by it bit by bit and I am faintly aware, if that is what consciousness means. I am trapped in between my own illusions. At an instance I feel the glory of my happiness overwhelming me with a funny grin that I can feel stretching over my face while suddenly the jolts of pain hit me hard somewhere inside, conceived by the memories of tragedies buried in some corner of my brain. All in all I am awed by this trickery; these tricks that my thoughts are playing with me. They all seem to be in a chain of such unbreakable and the most logical sequence yet they are randomized into a total frenzy. However that is what the fun is all about here!

feels as though I am transcending into the other, a sphere where I am the designer and the only resident of this entire new eternity. As though I am traveling through a dream that lives and breathes as does most of the creature in this little planet, where my body still dwells. Such a dream, where I change directions and I fly the wings across a sky that overlooks mazes and tapestries, all so magnificent. At this point my physical being makes no great sense to me. Somewhere in the corner I have a slight feeling that either this is some illumination that I am experiencing or it is just a real dream that I am forcing in myself- something so much called to be a virtual reality. A reality that’s somehow unreal…. to me that sounds quite absurd, after all.

If this reality that we live everyday is such a solid thing then why cannot dreams be another reality in its hard ground? Then why is dreaming and imagination only a perceptual imbalance? May be the life we live and the morale and values we are taught from the very beginning are incomplete, missing, misleading and imbalanced in itself. Maybe life exists in both dreaming and living; Living being the physical aspect of life and dreaming the spiritual aspect. If that is not true then soul never exists, its only the waning and ageing frail physique of ours that survive till the hour called ‘death’ and after that we die, forever. Makes little sense to my perceptions! While if the soul exists then we never die, only we shed skin called ‘life’.

We rule our own universe that we create ourselves, yet we fall into the trap of believing what is right and wrong that belongs to someone else’s. We may agree with other’s point of view that is something different, it is a sign of respect for each other but when we start to follow, things take a different turn. Then self abandonment starts to creep in and we get lost, caught in the middle. That’s how we are most of the times and I do not exclude myself while saying this. We constantly fall for traps. However if we live in the universe we create for ourselves someday will come when the entire universe is one. It is one for all and all for one, kind of a situation. Then the world stops, while the crack of the other world opens to us, of the so-called virtual reality.

Well for now I maybe tagged a dreamer and guess what… I love dreaming!!!

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