- Nandita Rana
> Family and Music
The rain fell down ...... on a cold hard ground, the song kept playing …… No but the song just stopped ! what happened was her father came and stopped the CD. All she could think about was "what’s wrong".
Of course the big question here is "what’s wrong"? what’s wrong when a child loves music so much, what’s with the parents here. The one problem they have is, they just can’t take it when there children starts developing the taste for music. Here all that most of the parents can say or do is music is distraction and stop listening to that piece of ………. I don’t know what. Could they be a bit more easy and appreciative on this?

Who’s to blame here? Of course the answer is our parents but more precisely speaking I think it’s the society and the perception that plays the part of the big daddy. We say we belong to the third world country category. Its true that we do. Looking at our literacy rate it’s most probably pathetic. So our society has a blind feeling that studying is the only way out. Of course it is. But is studying only about having an MBBS degree or an Engineering Certificate? And if you even consider studying music the whole world (actually inside the family circle) starts to tumble and scatter all over the place. Therefore the best thing one can do is shut one’s thoughts about music out of his/her brains from the core itself. How sad isn’t it. For the lame excuses that our society gives to us that about studying music is that it would lead us nowhere. That we may have to struggle a lot and not earn enough. The worst fear they have is that one will end up abusing drugs and waste away his life on alcohol and what not. But in my opinion it’s up to an individual to decide that, I think that struggling hard for what one carves for is more than a divine bliss. In the process they don’t even realize that with such constricting thoughts that our society beholds we may be loosing one of the Mozart’s. the Beethoven or Jimi Hendrix and so many other great musician that this generation could create.
So its up to us, we who are aware should be able to work for it. Let’s start from today, a new revolution. A musical revolution indeed ……….

While the juke box sings again, "..................................… don't you know we are talking about a revolution – sounds like a whisper ……."

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