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> History of Blues in Kathmandu
The Blues evolved primarily from a folk culture developed in the southern USA by a Black community whose ancestors were transported from west to work as slaves.

The hardship of the life they had, the pain, love, hunger, boundaries is fully expressed through their blues music. Their life was hard but their music kept on rolling as one of the most popular form of music all over the world.

As far as the history of blues in Nepal is considered Mukti and Revival are the first band to introduce the blues as the mainstream music. The other bands known for playing blues music in Nepal are Newaz, Looza etc. And since then blues has been known to people of Nepal.

Newaz was disbanded and the members of Newaz teamed-up with Mukti Sakya to form Mukti and Revival. Kalanki ko Jam is one of there best folk blues album ever produced by Mukti & Revival.

There are a handful of blues bands in Nepal. Some of these young talents are Nekhvam, Jocose and Spirits.

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