- Nandita Rana
> Music Pollution
"Music is Medicine." The ever growing popularity of music therapy within the past few years must be whole enough to justify. Music is kind of an outlet to let emotions out. Be it pure frustration or a sudden rush of excitement. It is true music triggers the passion from the depth of our feelings. In other words, it can be said that music is an expression of moods. Music is a medicine and music is moody! Maybe this is why we have all sort of music from Tchaikovsky, Beethoven to cradle of filth, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Travis and what not. Each belonging to a certain category, evoking a particular mood. Now we can say that music is versatile. It is just like rubber band transformed into any shape and stretched to limits.

The versatility is indeed an advantage. However, people sometimes tend to misuse their credibility and many such advantages are misdirected. In this case as well, the real purpose of music is faded over commercialism. People 'make' music, not create it and they 'sell' music, not play it. Music is an industry these days - a factory with big, dumb machines working monotonous rounds with no life in it and that is what is labeled as music. Moreover these kind of music industry get million dollar campaigns. Talking about these campaigns, it is even more embarrassing. All that their advertisements can use is sex appeal, pornography, violence, homicide and the gold, diamond "bling-bling" with sleek machines. How can this probably be something called real music? The best that this kind of an act can be called is a provocative, cheap entertainment and no way real music can be compared to this piece of garbage. Music is all about expression, purity and passion and not vulgarity, phoniness and business. Music is a part of spirituality that cannot be over- materialized.

However there are many such great people who are actually the advent grade of what we define as real music. People like Narayan Gopal, Ry Cooder, Sid Barret, Nushrat Fati Ali Khan, Jimi Hendrix, Norah Jones and many more are the real musicians, be it eastern or western. Therefore, let music remain unpolluted and let music and the musicians be truly respected.

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