- Samik Kharel
> One Note Feel
I am one of those guitar learners, who never wanted to be fast or a technical freak. I don’t know why, but fast players never caught my ears and the technical freaks were just limited in audio and video lessons. My perception to this maybe criticized but I am ready for any kind of criticism at this particular discussion.

As an amateur player, I have always wanted to go beyond the basic chords. And some time I have even wanted to come back to a single note which when combined together makes a chord. And we all know we can judge a player by a single note. I have always been fascinated with this single note. The one is note defining every single meaning to life. A note which definitely has a sound to it, but it also has happiness and sorrow. The one note with different feelings, moods but yet its serenity.

Many artists have poured out their happiness and love. And some have poured out pain and protests through their songs and playing. What is the difference then? It’s all about feelings. A note here can change an entire life. It can change perceptions and can influence generations. It can shatter the strongest of nerves and it can link back too opposite poles. This is one thing I really admire about the masters of the blues. They concentrate on a single note, getting the best feel out of it. That’s why I personally never want to title them as players. They are the masters and every generation is going to see them as masters. If some one says “I listen to the blues” I can assure he doesn’t really know what blues is or he doesn’t listen to it. Personally I always say “I feel the blues”. And I am very proud that I truly feel it.

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