- Nandita Rana
> Riot Act
Music is liberation. Music is an art. Music is emotions, and music is God. Talking about music these philosophies and the deep hidden emotions go on and on. There is no stopping to it. In fact, for people like me, sound plays a very important role in our lives, where music is a sonic experience and a vital fuel for everyday survival.

Here's how it goes, the first musical extravaganza starts from the nerve wrecking alarm clock in the morning, then the gushing of water in the bathroom flush, takes the second position. However, not considering, other forms of human noise, somehow you manage to turn on the stereo. The FM station shouts about the same old stuffs so its always pleasant to hear some great deal of your favorites records. It plays on and on and somehow even the most gloomy day appear sunny and bright. Well, then life goes on simple and plain.

Music of course lights up the mood. However, the kind of music and the kind of mood it creates, of course matters a lot. A piece of holiday jazz would be comforting for a relaxing mood while a piece of thrash would of course raise some hell in our little brains. It is fun to react but not as fun when we over react. Music is inspiration however negative inspiration is venomous and despiteful. We have a trend here, I man globally, that one takes "a heavy dose of heavy metal, thrash, black metal and what not. Then the inspiration gets a way too heavy. Especially in concerts, there starts a war-break thing, kill people, burn places, verbal assault and it goes on.

Not meaning that listening to such music is forbidden or anything but people should not over react. They only seem to create riot act, promoting violence and dishevel in the society. This really gives a bad impression in the name of being devoted to music or being a musician. Music is in fact, a good will. It is in fact liberation and meditation. So why not let music be for peace, love, empathy and an undying brotherhood. Why not music be for humanity and each and every organism of this planet. Music has its own dimensions and we have our own human limits. Promoting music for obscene is a thoughtless act. Therefore. let music be ephemeral and pure and free, not riot act.

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